Sept Event – Was ET Really Calling Home?

Will NZ companies be able to benefit when ET wants to phone home? The idea of intelligence, technology and worlds that are portrayed in Alien, Starwars, Star Trek, Flying saucers,  little green men has captured the imagination of everyone.

Now Close Encounters of the Third Kind might one day be a reality thanks to an inter-government plan to reach into the distance galaxies never seen before.

This year is the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and so it is only fitting that Auckland’s leading technology group AucklandICT hosts a rare presentation on what will be one of the most significant global research technology projects ever launched. The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is billed as the universe’s largest known search engine and will go far beyond existing technology.

It will search galaxies far beyond any technology built by man kind to-date and it is happening right in our very own backyard. With the recent moon landing anniversary where Australia played a significant role, the enormity of next generation space research will progress thanks to New Zealand and Australia based radio telescopes.

Heading up New Zealand’s initiative is Professor Sergei Gulyaev (our very own Galileo Galilei !) who hails from the edge of Siberia and is all too familiar with the last known visitor from outer space right into his own back yard – the world’s largest meteorite explosion in recent memory that devasted 2000 of sq km of Siberian forest.

His expertise and knowledge on deep space exploration has been a major cue for New Zealand and Auckland University where he now leads the team and developing the new wave of New Zealand trained “hunters of little green men” and space explorers. Will Professor Sergei Gulyaev and his colleagues be able to warn us of the meteorite shower or invasion from outer space as depicted in this video.  The stark reality of Professor Sergei Gulyaev’s research is bought home on this link

Professor Sergei Gulyaev will give a presentation on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) the benefits, ramifications and business opportunities. This project has a target budget of €1.3 billion (about NZ$2.4 billion) and is a collaboration between institutions representing 17 countries to establish the world’s largest telescope. Not just one giant radio telescope but a set of thousands of antennas dishes. This vast spread of radio receivers, 100 times more sensitive than the most powerful currently in existence, will be capable of far greater penetration into the depths of the universe.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion on the commercial opportunities for New Zealand companies.

You will also be able to attend one of the public shows at either 7pm or 8.30 pm, payable to Stardome.

We did not receive enough registrations to make a private showing of IBEX “Search for the Edge of the Solar System” viable.

Venue Location

Topic: “Square Kilometre Array NZ (SKA)

When: Tuesday 22 September 2009

Where: Stardome Observatory

670 Manukau Road

Royal Oak, Auckland


5.30pm Registration, drinks & finger food

6.00pm Welcome & five one-minute presentations by Auckland ICT members

6.10pm Demo on how to login to the new Auckland ICT Website

6.15pm  SKA Presentation by Prof Gulyaev

6.45pm Discussion on SKA business opportunities

7.00 pm Further networking or attending the public show

7.30pm Finish

Event Cost

We have introduced two new rates.  Payment is by Direct Credit or cheque in advance.  We do not accept payment by credit card.

Auckland ICT Members $15

Full-time students $10

Members of NZICT Group $20

Non-members $25

Prepaid Event Attendance

Instead of paying $15 for each event, all financial members can pay $100 for one person to attend one event a month for the following 12 months.  This is transferable to another person from the same member company


If you have not already done so, you will need to register and add your “Offer & Seek” details on the new website. You will automatically be registered upon confirmation of your email address.  You will then be able to register for events.

Please register for this event by 6 pm on Friday 18 September.  Contact Debbie Hassell at if you have any problems or questions.

If you wish to discuss the content of the presentation.
Please contact Kevin Andreassend. Tel 09-414 2348

Original Russian expedition video

A helicopter flight over the Tunguska Forest where the meteorite landed  

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