As a service for members we will post opportunities for you. Positions vacant, employment wanted, products for sale and similar. So send an email to aucklandict[at]gmail[dot]com with your opportunity or need and we will list here for you.

raffleslogoPM – Project Management Course. Raffles College of Design and Commerce are researching the need for running a short course on Microsoft Project & Project Management. They have sent a request out requesting industry feedback for all comments about which short courses are in demand, what are the IT skills that are missing in NZ and how it can be improved.

Local Advisory Committee for Raffles College of Design and Commerce IT&Computing programme.
Also there are opportunities for industry professionals to give a little forward and become involved in the Local Advisory Committee. Approximately 3-5 industry participants are required who are willing to contribute some time and thinking power and especially with people with PM and IT Security experience. The advisory group meets twice a year for 1 – 2 hours per meeting, one in July and one in November. Participation outside the LAC meeting is minimal. If you would like to be involved in providing expertise and industry guidance and input here is your chance to be involved.
Please contact Pavel Laletin | Computing Lecturer
317-319 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand
PO Box 52040, Kingsland, Auckland
[T] + 649 3691906
[F] + 649 3691907
Skype: rdi-pavel.laletin
Website: http://www.raffles.ac.nz

PS I am on the Business Course Programme Advisory and 
Research Advisory Committee. It is a great way to support the
local educational infrastructure. Posted by Kevin Andreassend

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