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Every Auckland ICT member should register for this FREE webinar on how to make money using Social Media. I have just had Perry Belcher contact me with some exciting news. Perry is creating Internet History this Thursday 23 July), 1pm with the largest ever webinar on how to make money on the internet from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.

In Perry’s words he will be sharing his inside secrets that has made him hundred’s of $1,000’s in no time at all using Social Media tools.

Stop Press: 13,000 people have signed up already with only 24 hours to go. This is going to hit the World Guiness Record Book.

– His PROVEN following system for getting hoards of social media
followers in Twitter and Facebook. (How he’s built 100,000+ Followers in 9 Months.)


How-to-make-money-in-social with Social Media legend Perry Belcher .... free webinar

– 5 DEADLY mistakes that ordinary marketers make that keep them
from cashing in on social media

– How to RAPIDLY move users from social media sites to your own email list. (This one tactic built his email list to 58,000+ in 9 months FLAT)

– His SNEAKIEST tricks, tactics and voodoo magic for monetizing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogs…

I have learnt a huge amount of my internet marketing knowledge by attending free webinars and teleseminars from people like Perry. In this live webinar Perry’s going to be teaching how to get a a huge amount of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube followers, and how to turn that directly into money in our pockets.

Don’t wait until it’s full RSVP right now click on Perry’s picture to get your free seat. STOP PRESS – Already 13,000 have now signed up … are you one of them?

See you on the webinar,

Kevin Andreassend

P. S. If you have never heard or seen Perry live your in for a treat.
Not only does he know how to make you money he is a riot. We are gonna have fun.


24 hours to go before the Internet’s largest ever Webinar

Originally, there were only 5000 spots available for the webinar. However, Perry and Ryan are showing exactly how much they believe in this webinar by getting expanding it to 10,000 SEATS at a cost to them of $US25,000 (that a lot of belief)

RSVP your seat RIGHT NOW before Registration closes: Click Here NOW

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Auckland ICT President

P. P. S. The webinar itself will be a great free marketing lesson. Don’t miss out…

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