Welcome to the official Blog Site for Auckland ICT. It is maintained by Kevin Andreassend in his capacity as President, active Blogger and Social Media advocate. The content is not deemed to be the official voice or opinion of Auckland ICT but merely the opinion of the contributers.

This blog is designed to inform, provoke, educate, entertain, irritate, cause discussion and your response. But most of all it is designed to encourage and prompt Auckland ICT Members to become adopters of Social Media technologies to enhance their businesses and share their views and experiences.

The official web site for Auckland ICT is at www.aucklandict.org.nz

The site will hopefully serve as a model and incentive for members to create their own company blogs, and begin down the path of Social Media. We will experiement with various tools, provide useful content and draw your attention to additional great content sites. As a start members could visit http://simdeck.wordpress.com, http://tweettwins.wordpress.com and http://simdeck.vox to gain an understanding of close to home blogs.

One Response

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Good initiative. Just need a bit more content. Is there anything in the members area and how do we get our passwords?


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