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This Blog is going to be constantly reviewing, exploring Social Media, ICT activities, News, opinions and creating discussions. If you can not find what you want use the search facility.

A good starting place is to reflect what is happening about us that is affecting everything, from how we receive our daily news, find liked minded people, connect with customers, finding a job, right thru to finding the love of your life. Today in NZ it was announced 500 positions are being closed with NZ Post, in part due to the economic situation, however the volume of mail is decreasing rapidly and yet our long distance communication is rising by the second and so we see a very public change that results from the fundamental way we send invoices, letters and promotional material. Thinking about this further it highlights just how much of our information, data and communication is in digital format. This video titled Did You Know captures it dramatically.

This presentation is well worth sitting in on as it brings alive the very real issues each business must now contend with and come to grips with.

Gerd Leonhard delivers an insightful presentation on the tremendous changing that is occuring in society. Companies in NZ and that matter for the rest of the world need to get a good understandin on the change that is happening. It is more than just about Twitter or Facebook, fundamentally things will change and doing so today. Who will pay for content, who will you trust online, how many profiles do you have, how do you keep personal, family, business and professional profiles separate, will you use open source software, Google is changing the advertising industry, will your TV set be relegated to the back room? Make sure you listen to Gerd’s video clip of the presentation.

This is a helpful 80 page, 3mb presentation that shows the growth currently happening and predicted.

This is a helpful 80 page, 3mb presentation that shows the growth currently happening and predicted.

I have added an excellent snap shot in time as to the explosive growth of Web 2 technology. The report is available for download here. Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Unit has uncovered convincing data that all businesses should be starting to consider how they will implement Web 2 technology. In my opinion one simple reason is that customers, partners and interested parties are listening … but are you talking.

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  1. Kevin, this should be a great resource for the cluster. For cluster members interested in how companies are engaging with bloggers, below is a link to a PR survey conducted earlier this year in NZ and across Asia Pacific.
    Thanks, Paul

  2. Members will also find a fantastic pool of Social Media & online resources researched, reviewed, created by Jenny Wilmshurst & Kevin Andreassend on

    As seminars, workshops, webinars and courses become available you will also find these announced at the Tweet Twins website/blog.

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