War Stories from the ICT Trenches

AucklandICT October Networking

Auckland ICT will hold the October meeting. The theme is War Stories from the ICT Trenches

The three speakers Ian Miller, Luigi Cappel, Kevin Andreassend will share their experiences about going global, lessons learnt and establishing their role in the market place.

Ian Miller
Owner of Nutshell, supplying personal wireless accessory products since 1997. Ian has discovered that locally sourced possum, those pests of the environment, are perfect; their pelt are naturally anti-static. This makes them ideal to protect smart phone

Luigi Cappel

Managing Director, SoLoMo Consulting Ltd, How do people find out about your company, your skills and specialist expertise? How do they even know they might want to? Luigi will share about his book publishing activiies with Amazon.

Kevin Andreassend

MD of ICE AV Technology Ltd started his journey in the audiovisual sector literally under the dining room table as a 7 year old Today his company has a major focus on the international market with interactive, display and simulations technology.

We look forward to you joining us where we feed you, help you network and where you can learn some insights.

The meeting will conclude with a short AGM. Followed by further networking.
Registrations to attend are made at Eventbrite on this link

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