New Zealand IPv6 Task Force gears up for World IPv6 Day

The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force, that includes NZICT Group, is pleased to announce its support for World IPv6 Day, a global event sponsored and organised by the international Internet Society (ISOC) and several large content providers to test public IPv6 deployment. AucklandICT encourages all its members to keep uptodate on issues relating to the IPv6 change over and to establish their preparedness.

World IPv6 Day runs over 24 hours, from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC (from 12 noon New Zealand time) on 8 June 2011.  Task Force Technical Convenor Dean Pemberton says mass adoption of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is critical to the future of the Internet. He describes World IPv6 Day as a watershed moment, one that all New Zealand organisations should be aware of.

“The Internet has grown so quickly that the pool of IPv4 addresses used by most computers and devices has run out. IPv6 allows for trillions more IP addresses; more than enough to fuel the next stage of the Internet’s growth.

“World IPv6 Day aims to motivate all organisations to prepare their services for IPv6. On the Day a swath of major providers including Google,  Facebook and Yahoo will be among many global firms offering their content over IPv6,” he says.

The New Zealand IPv6 Task Force is right behind World IPv6 Day. It has registered with ISOC as a participating organisation and strongly encourages all New Zealand content providers and ISPs to take part.

On World IPv6 Day, Pemberton will be speaking at a video seminar entitled ‘IPv6 through the crystal ball. What a future with IPv6 might look like’. The seminar is being held on the afternoon of 8 June NZT.  For more information visit .

The Task Force is also repeating its survey of IPv6 readiness in New Zealand, with preliminary results to be published on the Task Force’s website on World IPv6 Day.  ICT services firm Gen-i (on behalf of Task Force member Telecom) has launched a target dual-stack test webpage for World IPv6 Day, along with a link to an information page –

Can you reach IPv6-only websites? Check your connectivity using the

‘IPv6 Check’ widget on the Task Force’s website (

In recent months sponsorship of the New Zealand IPv6 Task Force has expanded to include support from InternetNZ, FX Networks, Microsoft and InspireNet.

More information about World IPv6 Day is available at:

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