The Digital Nation

The last decade has drastically changed our perceived reality, a reality we adopt if we like it or not. But where are we? A look into the future and an analaysis of how the digital world has a grippe on our lives, how easily we are influenced.

How education is guided by media. How are our children embracing media? The buzzword now is multitask, something all of us do subconsciously all the time. Virtual branding? People that quit their job to keep playing a game? Watch the film as it’s got some surprises for you. The future of work. The future of war. Check out the Army Experience Center (based on the Apple store). Frightening? you need to answer this for yourself.  This is the subject of my film selection this month (link below), do watch it completely, take a moment to relax, the content is very educational, especially for our industry.

Before viewing the film, have a look at these two forecasts;

Time’s a changin’  …Top Information Technology Predictions – Gartner continues to investigate the changing balance of power from across its research areas, and selects Internet Technologies as the focus of this year’s crystal ball gazing.

  • By 2012, 20% percent of businesses will have no ownership of IT assets.
  • By 2012, India-based IT companies will represent 20% of cloud service providers
  • By 2012, Facebook will lead the pack
  • Other social networks (including Twitter) will continue to develop
  • By 2014, building on server vitalization and desktop power management as savings in energy costs
  • In 2012, 60% of a new PCs total life greenhouse gas emissions will have occurred before the user first turns it on.
  • Online marketing by 2015 will control more than US$ 250 billion
  • By 2014, mobile and Internet technology will help over 3 billion of the world’s adults to electronically transact.
  • By 2013, mobile phones will replace PCs as the most common device for Web access.

To gather a sense of the change visit this video where the speed of cange is aptly portrayed.

Are we living in a world of science fiction? maybe we need to re-define what is science fiction. Check this out.

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