Parallel Computing for Multicore: Open Seminar.

Parallel Computing for Multicore: Open Seminar.

An initiative of Massey University, INTEL and Erdödy Consultancy

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Hello and Happy New Year!
Having friends in the know helps and so I would like to announce here I have just saved you an air ticket to USA if your were wanting to meet James Reinders, Direct and Chief Evangelist of Intel.
This is an invitation to attend the free seminar on “Parallel / Multicore programming for everybody” by James Reinders, Director and Chief Evangelist of Intel, Software Development
“Parallel Computing for the Multicore: the challenge of having every developer be a parallel programmer” by James Reinders. In particular, James will present “Threading Building Blocks (TBB), open sourcing a model for parallel computing”.
Abstract: TBB is a very popular abstraction for parallelism in C++. The project was introduced in 2006, and then open sourced by Intel in 2007. The talk is an overview of both the project, its popularity and adoption, and why open sourcing was critical to its success and how Intel settled on open sourcing. James will speak to the important role open source should have for parallel computing. James will also present his three tier model for parallelism (TBB is one of them) showing how data, task and coordination should co-exist in an parallel application – and suggest what is needed to fill in the other two models.

You're invited to hear James come and speak at this free seminar

Bio – James Reinders is Director and Chief Evangelist, Intel Software Development Products. He was the primary driver in leading Intel to open source TBB. James is an expert in the area of parallelism, Intel’s leading spokesperson on tools for parallelism and the author of the O’Reilly Nutshell book on TBB.
James has decades of experience with high degrees of parallelism having worked on groundbreaking compilers and architectures such as the systolic arrays WARP and iWarp, and the world’s first TeraFLOP supercomputer (ASCI Red) Discussions during and after the seminar are encouraged on application of parallelism to High Performance Computing and different areas
e. g. genetics, financial modeling, as well as specific projects for New Zealand e. g. SKA (Square Kilometre Array radio telescope), wind farm simulations, astronomical micro lensing.

Presentation Details
Monday 18 January 2010
Time: 13:30 until 14:30, with further 20-30 minutes for discussion
Venue: Staff Lounge (upper level) in the Student Learning Centre
Massey University Albany East Precinct (main campus) on State Highway
17 (North Shore City, Auckland)
Late September James presented at Intel’s Developer Forum, the software presentations are available to download
James would be keen to accept questions or comments in advance.
Send them to Nicolas Erdody <>
The presentation will be recorded so even if you are outside Auckland (or absent due to any other reason), you’ll be able to watch the answers online later.
This is a joint initiative of:
– Centre for Parallel Computing, Massey University
– Intel Corporation
– Erdödy Consultancy Ltd.
We appreciate if you share this invitation with your network. Please ensure you email Guy if you wish to attend so they have an idea of numbers attending.
For further information, please contact Nicolas or Guy:
Institute of Information and Mathematical Sciences
Te Kura Pūtaiao o Mōhiohio me Pāngarau
Massey University, Albany (North Shore City, Auckland)
473 State Highway 17, Gate 1, Mailroom, Quad B Building
voice: +64 9 414-0800 ext. 9585   fax: +64 9 441-8181
G.Kloss at
Erdödy Consultancy Ltd
Level 1, 20 Wear st
Oamaru 9400 – North Otago
New Zealand
+64 27 521 4020 (mobile)
nicolas.erdody (skype)
Whilst you wait for the seminar take a look at this video on Parallel Computing from David Patterson Berkley University as a background.

Speaker: David Patterson, Director of the Par Lab, U.C. Ber
David Andrew Patterson (born November 16, 1947) is an American computer pioneer and academic who has held the position of Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley since 1977.

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  1. Congratulations for ict president title. When and where is the seminar? Thanks

    • It was this afternoon. It was a bit over my head, make that a lot over my head 🙂 but I wanted to see the speaker about another matter.

      i tried to send you video link but email is bouncing back.
      any way go to and you will see the video on the front page.
      This is my 2nd year as president until.

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