2009 $Unlimited Investment Challenge

Are you looking for investment to take your business or product global?
We can help…

Get started by attending our investment ready seminars in September Unlimited magazine is proud to host the $unlimited Investment Challenge, offering all New Zealand companies the chance to get in front of New Zealand’s top investors to pitch for investment.

It can be hard to know what investors expect, or even know how to get their attention. This complete challenge is an inspiring programme, commencing with investment-ready seminars in Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, with qualifying companies being groomed to get the ultimate opportunity to pitch to top investors.

Investors include Evander Management, plus the following:

All investors are New Zealand based.

The full schedule is as follows:
31 July – 28 August Complete a registration of interest form online

9 & 15 September Investment-ready workshops
20 & 21 October Finalist workshops
28 October Dummy pitch
3 November Real pitch to investors

In the past two years the Challenge has secured millions of dollars of investment and involved hundreds of companies at different stages of discussion/negotiation for varying sums of money.

If you think your business idea is the next big thing and need to secure funds to grow your business into the global market, the 2009 $unlimited Investment Challenge is for you.

For more information and to REGISTER on-line:

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