NZ ICT Employment Survey

NZICT Group undertook a survey of its members earlier this year to understand more about the skills shortage in the New Zealand ICT industry. The information contained in the survey report was useful in defining the nature of the skills shortage and identifying some short term potential courses of action required to ensure a strong ICT industry.

The NZICT Group is extending the catchment of the Employment survey out to other ICT companies with a view to establishing it as an annual, industry-wide survey and gaining a more comprehensive overview of the skills shortage issue for New Zealand ICT organisations. Current survey closes 21 August 2009.

This online survey has been initiated by NZICT Group in association with the Ministry of Economic Development. Auckland ICT committee member Chris Mitchell, Axcel Institute has compiled the online version of the survey and collating the results.

Contribute your voice to the survey here.

This survey addresses the following major areas:
1. Have you had difficulty recruiting for ICT roles over the last six months?
2. Are you looking to increase or decrease staff or contractors over the next six months?
3. What are your current practices and perceptions of employing or retraining staff without ICT skills or qualifications?
4. If you are (potentially) involved in the Government’s Ultra Fast Broadband Roll-out what are the implications for skills availability?
5. What are the immigration related issues that impact on your business?
6. What are your current practices with respect to internships, student projects and graduate recruitment?

Your response will assist greatly in building a national profile of New Zealand’s immediate and future ICT skill needs and provide a basis for future action for NZICT.

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One Response

  1. When you use the phrase “labor shortage” or “skills shortage” you’re speaking in a sentence fragment. What you actually mean to say is: “There is a labor shortage at the salary level I’m willing to pay.” That statement is the correct phrase; the complete sentence, the intellectually honest statement.

    If you start raising your wages and improving working conditions, and continue to do so, you’ll solve your “shortage” and will have people lining up around the block to work for you even if you need to have huge piles of steaming manure hand-scooped on a blazing summer afternoon.

    Re: Shortage due to retirees: With the majority of retirement accounts down about 50% or more, people entering retirement age are being forced to work well into their sunset years. So, you won’t be getting a worker shortage anytime soon due to retirees exiting the workforce.

    Okay, fine. Some specialized jobs require training and/or certification, again, raise your wages and improve benefits! You’ll incentivize people to self-fund their education so that they can enter the industry in a work-ready state. The attractive wages, working conditions and career prospects of technology during the 1980’s and 1990’s was a prime example of people’s willingness to fund their own education.

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