Dave Carroll’s YouTube video causes United Airlines share price to crash towards land

United Airlines careless attitude infuriorated Canadian musicican Dave Carroll when sitting in the plane he saw ground staff throwing his guitar around. When brought to the attention of one of the flight hostess his complaint was brushed aside.

With a weapon he knows well, Dave crafted a song complaining of the poor customer service and now Within 12 days of posting his song on YouTube it has become an international YouTube sensation.

The news item and song was aired on national television as far away as New Zealand on 24 July and for United Airlines has become a disaster in customer relations that has seen the share price drop. The hit on United Airlines could continue as Dave has 2 more songs ready to launch.

United Airlines are now in damage control and one can imagine the board will be asking some hard questions of management as they attempt manage the broadside the staff have caused.

This very real and current example shows the power of social media technology and in particular that the power has swung to the people. By spending zero dollars and just some song writing and filming time, one obscure Canadia songwriter is now being heard world wide with an international fan base. When once this fame might have been because of a love song and subject to the whim of a record executive, the song is being broadcast from free on TV networks world wide and broadcast free on Internet Video channel YouTube.

United Airline is now crawling to Dave Carroll with apologies and offers, but for an obscure Canadian musician, Dave’s experience with United Airline’s shoddy customer service attitude has propelled him into the world stage at the cost of their share price. Thanks United, now watch out for the next two songs I am going into music history all because of the terrible customer service of the ground crew and three of your hostess staff.

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  1. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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