Do not set yourself up to receive a Dear John Letter?

Have you received a Dear John Letter? Hopefully you have not set yourself to inadvertantly qualify for a slap in the face and door slam from Google. The best way to avoid this costly attention is to play it safe and by the rules.

Getting dumped or bumped by your partner can have devastating results on your finances, living arrangements and peace of mind. The same experience can occur online and I am not referring to an online dating service. Rather I am talking about when Google BANS your web site from their search engine index. The consequences can be devasting to say the least and  can see you being banned from Google Adsense and your account cancelled.

There are a number of common mistakes that can result in you being banned from Google Adsense. The mistakes are as follows.

1 – Generating suspicious clicks.

2 – Publicizing your Google AdSense earnings information

3 – Stealing content

4 – Generating fake traffic

5 – Getting multiple Google AdSense accounts.

6 – Showing pornographic material or linking to pornographic sites.

7  – Modifying the look and feel of Google AdSense advertisements.

8  – No privacy policy

Read here for further details and commentary and links to Google Adwords relevant TOS.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend

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